We provide a wide range of solutions and services for the construction / infrastructure industry.


We offer solutions customised to every project and aligned to latest trends & technology.

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Finishing Solutions

We offer solutions customised to every project and aligned to latest trends & technology.

Sanitaryware & Bath Solutions

Bathroom Suites,
Sanitaryware & Accessories

The range of designer bathroom products is a combination of stunning luxury with efficient functionality that nurtures health, comfort and wellness.

Public Spaces


High-quality bathroom, shower and kitchen fittings


System solutions for public and commercial sanitary rooms: modular, water efficient – for maximum safety and hygiene


Where hygiene and disinfection are the determining factors, KWC DEKO disinfection units are the solution: premium products for the healthcare sector

Flushing Systems & Aerators

They are integrated into the spouts of washbasin, kitchen and bathtub faucets and seem fairly unremarkable at first glance. Yet faucet aerators are important components that we use on a daily basis.

Tiles & Flooring Solutions

Wall & Floor Covering

Suitable Internal & External Applications

Residential, Commercial, Industrial Segments

Compliant with British & European Standards

Glazed Wall & Floor Tiles

Delivers the look of easy living. The flexibility to be used this tiles in residential and commercial applications. Uses the latest in technology, with a wide variety of designs and colours.

Vitrified / Porcelain Tiles

This tiles are increasing in popularity. The manufacturing process of this tiles plays a significant role in identifying them in terms of texture, durability, synthetic and technical features. These tiles undergo a series of crucial steps to get the end product.

Decorative Products

Decorative tiles can be used in many different ways throughout the home where you are looking to add a vibrant burst of colour and pattern. This tiles offer the opportunity to explore more creative design solutions while highlighting key areas in a space such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Architecture Solutions

We are specialists in floor and wall tiles made of ceramic, porcelain & natural stone for outdoor & indoor, including façades and their installation systems.

Door Architecture

Architectural Hardware

Residential & Commercial Ironmongery

Fire Rated Hardware

Sliding & Glass
Door Fittings

Steel Doors & Rolling Shutters

Fire rated Metal Doors
& frames

Blast & Bullet
Resistant doors

Fire & Non fire rated
rolling shutters

Dock Levelers

Timber & Plywood

Timber and Plywood

High quality products to match global standards. We are among the primary suppliers for joineries and interior fit out firms

Engineered Stone


Flawless and consistent it offers the steadfastness and durability of quartz, making it an ideal addition to a bustling kitchen. This countertop option is progressively becoming every interior designer and architects’ preferred choice of stone.


A revolutionary product characterised by new-age design with an old-world charm.Today, Terrazzo stands as a symbol of everlasting beauty with the floor serving as a grand canvas waiting for its iconic designs to take shape.


This is a highly dense product and very close to natural granite. Engineered Quartz is resistant to stains, scratches, and cracks, it is impervious to heat and cold. This supreme material requires minimal maintenance.

Kitchen counter tops &
bathroom vanities

Engineered stone is a composite construct of crushed stone bound together. Each slab is furnished to perfection with the sole purpose of elevating living spaces. Popularly used for internal as well as external purposes

Customised Solutions for

Offers solutions to give shape and substance to your ideas: by designing your custom graphics in transparency on the surface of the slabs, applying it to completely cover the ceramic material, or with the exclusive luxury system, using metallic inks with exceptional yield aesthetics, both in transparency mode and covering the slab.
Implement your creative ideas anywhere, with the guarantee of obtaining the maximum results from an aesthetic and technical perspective. In interior spaces, to give colour, character and personality to commercial and residential environments and in places dedicated to hospitality, entertainment and conviviality; in particularly wet areas such as spas, and wellness centres, and outdoors, with the creation of attractive façades, walls or other interventions with a surprising and long-lasting decorative impact.

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